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Children's book design and execution in collaboration with Wojood Rambo. The book tackles the issue of hitting and provides children with other uses for their hands.

الرجاء التواصل عن طريق الإيميل للمزيد من التفاصيل حول خدمات التصميم والاستشارات الفنية.

Please contact me for more details on additional design and consultation services.

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The Sandwich Gallery

Brand identity development (core communication and brand strategy, Arabic & English logos, stationery, uniforms, food packaging, delivery cars, signage, menu, interior branding concept, website and application interface design.) تصميم الهوية لمطعم جديد ويشمل العمل قا ئمة الطعام، زي العاملين، وعربات التوصيل.

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